Nanuq is a property with potential in copper-silver-gold, located in Nunavik, about 40 km south of Salluit, Quebec. Khalkos directly acquired the Nanuq property, now of only 5 claims (2 km2), just after the public release in March of the results of a major lake sediment sampling survey completed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fauna of Quebec (MRNFQ). Nearly 3,000 lakes spread out over most of the Ungava, covering a 39,000 km2 area, were sampled in 2011 by the MRNFQ. The Nanuq property covers the core of a significant pluri-kilometric copper-silver (mercury, gold) anomaly, which is, according to Khalkos’ geologists, the most significant result of the survey.


The anomaly covers about 95 km2, and is composed of many considerable copper grades ranging within the 99th* percentile of the MRNFQ’s survey, consisting of 400 to 770 ppm** associated with significant silver and mercury grades from 690 to 1,550 ppb*** and 170 to 500 ppm, respectively. Significant gold anomalies with grades between 5 and 23 ppb were also associated with the other anomalies.

Considering the geochemical signature of the lake sediment anomaly, as well as the regional geological context, Khalkos’ geologists believe that the property has an excellent copper, silver and gold potential.

*99th percentile: grades greater or equal to 99% of the grades from the entire 3,000 samples
**ppm: parts per million
***ppb: parts per billion

Qualified and responsible person for scientific information: Dominique Doucet, Eng.

Number of Claims:
100% KAS
Approx. Area:
2 km2

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